Usher Slates UK R&B Acts… Again!

Usher Slates UK R&B Acts… Again!

“The true value of R&B has been brought down,” he says…

13:21, Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Legendary R&B singer Usher has said that the recent acts from the UK to top the American charts are bringing the value of R&B music down.

The OMG hit-maker said that British acts such as Taio Cruz and Jay Sean should be classed as pop music and leave R&B to the big boys.

He told The Daily Star: “There’s a very fine line between what’s R&B and pop these days. Just because it’s sung by a male minority doesn’t mean you’re urban or R&B. Those artists are pop. The true value of R&B has been brought down.”

Article from MTV:

  1. As much as Usher can be an egotistic jerk at times, he has a point. I would consider Taio Cruz’s “Break Your Heart” an R&B song, nor would I consider Jay Sean’s songs R&B, either. The songs they put out are Pop records – pure and simple.

    R&B can reach the hearts of many walks of life, but R&B is rooted in Gospel, Blues, and Jazz. The British artists you just mentioned there don’t really have music that’s rooted in those genres. If you would’ve said Melanie Fiona, different story; even Lisa Stansfield or Joss Stone could be considered R&B. But Taio Cruz and Jay Sean??? No…

    As much as I like the lyrics to “Break Your Heart”, it’s not an R&B song. Usher knows his R&B history, so I agree with his comment…Usher FTW.

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