Beyonce Knowles Fake Songwriting, Outed By Producer: Bangladesh

Beyonce Knowles Fake Songwriting Outed By Producer Bangladesh – Poor Beyonce, this woman can not catch a break, after almost getting hit by a crazy driver in the UK, super producer Bangladesh have confirmed what people have been saying all along-Beyonce doesn’t write her songs, she simply pays for the credit.

Bangladesh who wrote and produced the songs “Video Phone” and “Diva” from the singer’s “I Am… Sasha Fierce” CD did a lengthy interview with where he revealed :

“It doesn’t matter who’s writing the songs, or who’s producing the songs. It’s who’s delivering the mother fu*ker. It really doesn’t matter if Beyonce is actually sitting there physically writing the song. Even if she’s not, it don’t mean she can’t. She might not have the time. It doesn’t matter, because you can work with artists who write, or work with artists that’s Beyonce’s level… For me… It doesn’t matter. The people outside looking in, they wanna know if she writes her own songs or if she ain’t. At the end of the day, she’s on a level where things are handed to her; people wanna be a part of what she’s doing. She either wrote it, or she can put her name on it – it doesn’t matter because that’s the boss you are.”
Someone should tell Beyonce to let go her father’s deceitful ways of doing business and just admit to paying for songwriting credits for tracks.

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