“What You Know About DICE?” – Interview with Alwayz Therro! (Twitter: @DiceMusic / Facebook: facebook.com/iamdice1)

DICE, born June 17, 1988, is a artist from Southwest, Houston, TX. As a child he was exposed to music from all walks of urban life. Waking up to a mother playing the biggest R&B artist from the 70’s and 80’s era, and spending the day with a father who couldn’t turn down his 2Pac collection, he was promised no other destiny but MUSIC. Today DICE has opened shows and performed with names such as Just Brittany, Nelly, Bun B, ESG & Slim Thug, and more.

As a child, DICE was a former member of an underground Houston based group, DSD, which as a musical group failed because of a discrepancy with age and contracts. In the coming years, he stayed consistent with his dreams, recording and performing any and everywhere he could. After years of absence, a former member of DSD, Drastik, found DICE in 2007, DICE soon began to record a collection of freestyles and songs at Drastik’s home studio, Hometeam. Here DICE learned to be more versatile, and understood his full potential as a solo artist. With his newfound vision, he separated from the studio to go out on his own and “test the waters”.  Soon after, he put together “The UNOFFICIAL Mixtape”consisting of freestyles and songs recorded at Hometeam Records. After getting a good response and a small, but strong following, DICE called the guy who taught him the business, Carlton “Co-Pilot” Junious. Co-Pilot helped him understand the structure of music, the importance of melody, and how significant “being ready” could mean to an artist’s career. This only brought him to feel even more confident in his potential of being a solo artist.

Today DICE is currently working on his first official project called “Hello World”.  “I’ve never been more inspired to do something.  I’ve been recording and performing for years.  More than you could guess.  I used those years of experience to mold and shape me into what I have the potential to be today. I think of how a “first impression” is so awkward and most of the times fabricated. Then I turn around and think, if I could only know exactly what to say, and how to look to make that first impression count…I would be fine.  If I can find a way to just be me, in a way that is accepted and appealing…I’ll be GREAT.  This is what “Hello World” is.  My first impression to the world. I’m looking to give you my truest thoughts and ambitions and hoping that I can impress you at first sight enough to have fans and supporters pull me closer to their hearts and ears.” explains Dice.  This project is expected to have production from Beat King, Stro also known as Hop of Lifeline Productions, and many more.

What’s the first thing you would say to someone when they ask you
to describe yourself as an artist?

I would say Passionate, followed by Radical, Optimistic, Clever… (long pause) Ill.

How long have you been in the industry?
I’ve been doing music since the 7th grade. It has always been a passion of mine.  Starting off in a group called DSD, we faded due to differences with contracts because we were minors.  Here I am in 2010, a man, still here…controlling my time and destiny.

What Inspires Your Music?
My music is inspired by what I see, do, and know.  Me having a really good idea of who I am, the way I view the world, and the things I say.  I’m more than confident.  So when I’m in a position to write music, performing and writing is just as easy as telling you what I ate this morning.  Nothing else.

Where are you from?
I’m from the Southwest side of Houston, Texas. Specifically Fondren and West Airport.  Many would find that as an unfortunate situation, but I am more than grateful to have grown from such an environment where I can appreciate the less than finer AND the finer things in life.

What artist in the industry inspires you the most today?
It’s not really a question of whom, but WHAT inspires me.  I tend to be attracted to music with substance, regardless of the artist.  Aside from that cliché statement though, I also love club bangers, music about urban lifestyle, whether good or bad, that’s where we came from.  I am bothered by music that glorifies those things though. I find it ok to shed light on our environments, but to act as if those things are worth settling for and that there isn’t more to live for, is a dead

6. What makes you different from other artist?

All of the other artists are rich and successful, so hopefully nothing, (laughing out loud) but what separates me from most upcoming artists is I think that I have the skills and versatility to be considered well rounded.  I don’t know if I am just yet, but at least I’m working towards it.  I’m not focused on perfection, but I am focused on progression.  Being a good rapper staples you in the game, but doesn’t necessarily get you in like it did in the past.  The public demands more from a rapper.  Rapping is the easy part, you have to be charismatic, marketable, and capable of being imitated. Meaning, most people lack identity and are finding something to want to be.

7. Do you have any upcoming projects?
I’m working on my first official project now called “HELLO WORLD”.  Working with a former fellow member of DSD’s label we did a lot of music together.  So THIS will be my first time constructing a project all on my own, recording and performing alone. I believe this will determine if I’m worthy of any true industry presence.  This is my “Hello” to the World

8. What do you want your future fans to know about you?
You will find a lot of “rappers” with the name DICE, but I don’t care.  The TITLE of a book isn’t half as important as the story it holds.  That’s where we differ.

9. How can we connect with you online?
We are in the process of building iamdice.com, but twitter is the center of the web these days, so follow me @DICEmusic and Facebook.com/iamdice1 you may also contact me more personally at my email: iamdice1@gmail.com

10. Who do you compare yourself to?
Funny, I always find myself comparing myself to my other side.  I’m a Gemini.  We are known to have 2 sides.  Most people view that as the good twin, evil twin syndrome, so I’m always thinking of ways to challenge myself, better myself and rid myself of character flaws.  I try to think of both sides to a story before it’s told.  I’ve been compared to artist before, which doesn’t surprise me at all.  Another trait of ours is to adapt to our environment easily. I’m highly influenced by good music and strong talents to the point that it may even show, but I strive to be as original as possible.

11. Do u produce your on music?
Write, yes. Structure, yes. Produce, No.  This project will be recorded and constructed with Chris Rocaway of Rocaway Studios in Houston, TX.  I work with many producers.  The producer of “Dressed 2 Impress” and “Fly N Fresh” is Stro also known as Hop of Lifeline Productions.

12. Where do you see yourself at 25? At 35?
I try not to. I’ve learned that things are much easier if I just do what I have to do to make it through TODAY, and if all is well, tomorrow will ATLEAST be a fresh start to progress to next week.  That’s how I live.

Contact Info:

Twitter: @DiceMUSIC

Facebook: Facebook.com/iamdice1

Email: iamdice1@gmail.com

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