This weeks hot new tunes!

Is Olly Murs the new Robbie?

Olly Murs ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’
Another week, another ‘X Factor’ reject. So what makes 2009 runner-up Olly Murs any different from the procession of other acts who have tried (and generally failed) to recreate the drama of the TV series in our music charts? Well, from the scratchy vinyl intro, summery reggae vibe and his cheeky Essex boy persona, it’s clear Murs has personality and tunes to burn. But is he the new Robbie Williams? Well, someone needs to step up after the real one fell back into the arms of Take That(Hear it here)

Jason Derulo ‘What If’
Anyone still in doubt about the unstoppable momentum of the Florida-born Jason Derulo should do, as they say Stateside, the math. First single, ‘Whatcha Say’, went triple platinum in America, while his self-titled debut album has gone gold in the UK. So can he score his fourth straight top three hit here with ‘What If’? Well, judging by the superhuman skills shown in the video, which include stopping time, anything is possible. (Watch it here)

Arcade Fire ‘We Used To Wait’
A month ahead of their long-awaited headline slots at the Reading and Leeds festivals, Montreal’s Arcade Fire premiere the UK’s first single proper from new album ‘The Suburbs’. As you might expect from the big sounding indie orchestra, ‘We Used To Wait’ is all tense piano chords, melancholic lyrics and the sort of charging guitars that U2 made their name on. It’s time for someone to take their rock crown and the smart money is on Win Butler and co. (Hear it here)

McFly ‘Party Girl’
Blimey, what’s happened to this lot? Gone is the knee-high pop-rock lite of previous recordings. In its place comes ‘Party Girl’, a synth-crazed slice of explosive R&B that owes far more to LA than it does to London. No wonder, because the four-piece have been busy laying down material for their currently untitled new album with super-producer Dallas Austin in Atlanta, with Taio Cruz helping out on songwriting duties. Looks like these kids just grew up. (Hear it here)

Taio Cruz ‘Dynamite’
Another terrific week for pop is completed by the return of Taio Cruz, with the latest single from his international smash album, ‘Rokstarr’. Judging by its success in America, where ‘Dynamite’ is number two on the iTunes chart after selling 700,000 copies, it seems pretty clear that the global chart takeover of ‘Break Your Heart’, which hit number one in the UK and America, was no fluke. Stand clear! (Watch it here)
(Provided by YahooMusic)
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