Review: Inception

Director: Christopher Nolan
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Michael Caine, Ken Watanabe

What’s it all about?
Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan brings us what is more than likely to become the next big sci-fi blockbuster. Dom Cobb (DiCaprio) and his team steal people’s secrets for a living by entering their dreams and “extracting” their deepest and darkest moments. But as his last job looms, Dom not only needs to extract a dream, he needs to incept an idea into his victim’s subconscious.

What’s good?
Nolan has an incredible amount of respect for his audience and exceptionally high expectations of their ability to understand a complex idea.

With this in mind, Inception offers a fast-paced, intelligent and extensively detailed storyline, packed with visually stunning sets, scenes and action sequences. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s zero-gravity scene in particular will bring goosebumps to your skin, while some of the dream architectures and landscapes have the ability to make eyes water and heartbeats quicken.

There’s an otherworldly Matrix feeling about Inception, but it also has the emotional punch of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, leaving you in a state of shock and awe following possibly the fastest and most surreal two-and-a-half hours of your life.

What’s bad?
Young viewers might find it slightly difficult to follow. But on the whole, you won’t want it to end and your expectations of film are likely to be significantly raised!

By Nikki Barr (OK!)


I thought this film was going to be a real brain-twister like “Memento” or “The Prestige,” but “Inception” is not all that complicated, which is helpful, given all those special game-type rules you have to keep track of. – Robert

I just walked out of the cinema 40 minutes into inception!! It is so shit! – Tweeted by Music star: Aggro Santos

It was just plain beautiful. The whole time, I was just in awe of how unique and inventive the scenes were. I don’t think I’ve ever been blown away like that. – Sara

That movie was amazing. The cast meshes together Very well. I am actually a little surprised by how much I really enjoyed this movie with the expectations I had going in to it – Corey

Inceptions was crazy and confusing, mind-manipulating & brain-bending film, going deep in to the subconscious of the human mind! If you like psychological thrillers den you’ll like this! – Atiya

Well you have to concentrate a lot, the beginning is quite boring and then middle and end is better! Its just how they go in to dreams and make it into something that could be reality – Shazzie

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