Jay-Z Helps Tinchy Stryder

Tinchy Stryder has taken “key” advice from hip-hop maestro Jay-Z, the British rapper revealed this week.

“I finally met Jay-Z in his dressing room in Manchester in June. His people wanted us to meet for ages before then but we kept missing each other.” The pair shared a drink and, speaking later, Tinchy confirmed the value of the Empire State Of Mind rapper’s wisdom: “He says key things; he is not someone who speaks for the sake of it.”

Jay-Z offered the 24-year-old the benefit of his experience, warning Tinchy to be wary of his own success: “People always say they can handle it at the start. You have to pace yourself.”

Tinchy also revealed he had received good advice from countryman Dizzee Rascal on how to deal with loneliness when you’re on the road. “I can’t complain because it’s been fun but I feel separate from my social life, family and friends because I am so busy,” the Never Leave You rapper explained. “I was speaking to Dizzee about it and he said the trick is to translate these feelings into music. When you write it down or record the music you feel much better.”

Tinchy announced this week that he will be hosting a charity concert in Autumn at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire for Alicia Keys Keep A Child Alive charity. “The work that Alicia Keys and Keep A Child Alive do to help those suffering with HIV and Aids in Africa and India is inspiring. I hope that by donating the proceeds from this gig I can help further their work,” he said.


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