Battle of the boy bands: – The Wanted say: “JLS Are Not Rivals”


If you were hoping for some good old fashioned boyband rivalry between newcomers The Wanted and JLS, prepare to be disappointed.

The All Time Low singer’s, who scored their first number 1 yesterday with the Ed Drewett penned track claim they do not see the X Factor runners-up at competition.

The Wanted’s Tom Parker told The Sun: “We’re a bit of JLS, a bit of Take That and a bit of Westlife and we can play instruments. It’s edgy pop, but there’s a bit of rock and a bit of indie in there too.”

He continued: “JLS have been so supportive giving us tips and shout-outs. They are not rivals. We can work together.”

17-year old Nathan Sykes added: “We’ve got no time for cheese. We’re just five lads having fun.”

Not content with already scoring a number 1 single, the lads also announced over the weekend that their second track will be called Heart Vacancy – which they have already filmed the video for in Croatia


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