**WORLD EXCLUSIVE** Akala (feat. Sway, Lowkey & Black The Ripper) – Yours and My Children Remix


    • Raghav
    • August 5th, 2010

    If you like this track make sure you support the movement and purchase the track on October 12th 2010. Email, text and write letters to radio stations and implore them to play more REAL music like this. If you’re tired of listening to the same old generic crap, do something about it! The power is in the people, YOU have the power to change the current position and it is up to YOU to do something if you want to see a change.

    The single ‘Yours & My Children is from Akala’s new album ‘DOUBLETHINK’ – keep a look out for the exclusive video shot in BRAZIL!

    Remember to SUPPORT the movement – Akala is an independent artist and if you want to hear more music like this show your love by purchasing the single alongside this remix on October 12th 2010!

    • Raghav
    • August 8th, 2010

    Sway’s verse lyrics plus a brief appendix underneath (props to MsMo!)

    “I had that MEGA DRIVE in me fresh back from Ghana, ready to MASTER SYSTEMS and go further (farther) bought be a SEGA GENISIS I used to call it saga between reading Genesis beginning of our saga
    Lost in the games they couldn’t CONTROL me when I lost a couple relatives the games CONSOLE’d me, nearly went off track I PLAYSTATIONS lonely slipping into the stereotypes like SONY now I’m A PIONEER
    But you can call me Arthur aligned with Sheikh’s spear (Shakespeare) Akala, Akwaba (*1)/ We’re authors in armour ready to fight causes at harbour for all of us, we’re Oliver’s (*2) we’re doing it for afters
    Trying to stay “a head” – Olive oil on the palms of the Pastors we’re doing it for answers/ Some of the pic’s I could paint are ‘Art-less (Heartless), I’m rocking kicks the kid Hand made (Maid) Liker Hager. (*3)
    Got a little sum son to say about the sun U (you) O (owe) your life to the maker of the Sun/ Yeah you owe replace the “U” with and “O” Could they be the same thing? I believe there’s only one Father.
    We’re all even that’s why I believe Europeans wanna be darker and African’s pop a weave in, steady bopping and weaving trying to get that green in like a vegan, we only detect COWards in BEEFing/
    My foots in the door but I’d rather have my keys in. ‘least that would stop Uncle Tom from peeping.
    Back to the weave thing – I need to get it in you head again/ Shaved it in Asia then sent it to American’s, Not everything in India is irie (Arie) (*4), but you are not your hair when you’ve got these little brown girls (*5) playing Heroine’s”

    *1 – Akwaba means Welcome in Twi: A Ghanaian language

    *2- Oliver Twist – Famous for asking for more

    *3- Hager of the Bible Egyptian handmaid of Sarah, and mother of Ishmael.

    *4 – India Arie writer and performer of the song “I am not my hair”

    *5 – “Brown Girl” another name for the drug Heroine

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