The UK band, ‘S Club 7’ with 4 number ones to reform?

S Club 7 could be the next group to reunite, if former member Bradley McIntosh has his way.

The band had four UK number ones – Bring It All Back, Never Had A Dream Come True, Don’t Stop Movin’ and Have You Ever – before disbanding in 2003.

The former members have enjoyed varying levels of success post-split: Rachel Stevens released a solo album and came second in Strictly Come Dancing in 2008, Hannah Spearitt starred in ITV series Primeval and Jon Lee appeared in Les Mis on the West End.

The others had less success: Jo O’Meara featured in Celebrity Big Brother in 2007 and was embroiled in the Shilpa Shetty race row, Paul Cattermole fronted a short-lived rock band, and Tina Barrett eyed a solo career but has yet to release any material.

Bradley had some success as a songwriter before teaming up with Jo and Paul in 2008 to reform as S Club 3; the trio performs the group’s greatest hits at occasional university and club gigs.

Speaking at the recent Karaoke ‘Pot Idol’ party in London, Bradley admitted he’d lost touch with the rest of S Club, including Rachel, who is expecting her first baby. “I haven’t spoken to Rachel in a very long time. I’d like to say to her ‘congratulations’,” he said. “I’m always there – Uncle Brad. I’ve got a lot of love for everyone in the group.”

He admitted his desire to reform S Club 7 was inspired by Take That’s massive success. Since Mark, Gary, Howard and Jason reunited in 2006, they’ve had two chart-topping albums. Now that Robbie’s completed the original line-up, it’s estimated they will make £75m in the next 12 months.


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